As Christmas approaches, I’m reminded that there are a lot of people hurting and remembering the loss of a loved one.

As gruesome as it is, Crime Scene Cleaners find that they are usually very busy doing the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Valentines day.

For most, the holidays are a time when family gets together, celebrating and spending time together. For others it can be a painful time and it can become so much so, that they take their own life.

It saddens me when we got calls during the holidays, but we are always quick to respond.

With all that said, please hug your loved ones a little bit tighter and be sure to tell them you love them. If there was a falling out earlier in the year, sweep it under a rug. It can make all the difference, you’d be surprised.

If you are reading this blog after the loss of a loved one, I’m sorry and we are keeping all of those families in our thoughts this time of year.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

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