Crime Scene Cleanup ScamsIt’s happened again. A company I have posted about previously has given me yet another reason to post about their latest exploits.

I am in receipt, not for the first time, of a letter from this company that will, for the time being, remain nameless (although I’m sure that other crime scene cleaners will know exactly who I’m talking about). This letter has a program that attempts to reach out to other companies (not of a crime scene cleaning nature) to establish relationships in order to get business referred to them. They also claim that they refer business to other companies for situations they don’t necessarily handle (i.e. hoarding, restoration, etc.).

Normally, I would say this is a great idea. However, the company implementing this program is probably the most notorious company in the industry. I have posted a few other entries in reference to this company and their borderline criminal activity, which I invite you to review to see what makes them so notorious.

I’m honestly quite a bit angry at this company. Not just because they’re giving other decent and honest crime scene cleaning companies, not to mention the industry itself, a bad name, but mostly for the families these guys have ripped off. It never ceases to amaze me that they have remained in business as long as they have. Although, I’m sure they have managed to build up their reserves substantially with the exorbitant monies they have scammed out of grieving families.

It upsets me even more to receive a letter from them asking for us to refer them business! The amount of arrogance spewing from these guys is almost as high as their prices. To think that anyone, knowing who this company is, would refer them any business is ludicrous.

I wish that I could disclose who this company is to those who are not familiar with them, but a) I don’t want to be “that guy” and seem like I’m just bashing the competition and b) I don’t want to become the victim of a libel suit. Just be aware of who you hire. Do your research and don’t let yourself be pressured into accepting a bid you feel is too high. No matter what the situation is, you always¬†have the right to a second opinion.

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