Below you will see a semi-graphic photo from a recent Suicide Cleanup we did.

As we always say, we don’t post pictures of our jobs on the internet. This is our firm policy as a courtesy to our clients.

That being said, when there is no family involved, we can make an exception and we give you what we know.

This clean-up was at a property that had been repossessed by the bank. Before the property had been cleared out of the belongings the previous owners had left behind, a squatter had moved in. It is unclear if this person was a former owner or just a run-of-the-mill squatter, but he moved in and for some reason committed suicide – self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Here’s what we saw when arrived on-scene:

There were a few drops of blood in the bathroom and a bunch leading to and in the kitchen sink. We presume that he shot himself with a small caliber weapon – like a .22 or 9 mil. – as there was no bullet hole and minimal splatter. It then appears that he didn’t die instantly and went into the bathroom first, then the kitchen and finally died in the living room. I can only imagine what he was thinking after pulling the trigger. He was most likely very panicked and scared, which makes the situation even worse.

Once he finally died, he went undiscovered for some time – at least a week or so. The spot on the carpet was bigger underneath and was infested with maggots.

The clean-up was fairly simple and when we were done, the house was free of contaminants and was turned back over to the bank.

We see a lot of sad situations on this job. Whether it’s a suicide, accidental death or a decomposition – it’s never a happy scene. But, we have to stay positive and we can’t allow it to affect us. People in these situations need help – they need us. So, we stay strong, push through and do our job like anyone else does theirs.

And in the end, we can rest easy knowing we were able to help someone in a difficult situation.


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