AftermathNot too long ago, I posted an article about another crime scene cleaning company who had submitted a cryptic bid and didn’t even include the name of the company, phone number, address…nada.

Recently, we were called out to do a suicide cleanup and when we arrived, we discovered a competitor’s business card. Now, this in itself isn’t all that odd. What is odd is that there was no company name on the business card! It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that these two companies I have mentioned are one in the same. I was curious to find out who this mystery cleaning company was so I called the number on the card. The answering machine that picked up announced who it was and I could only shudder.

I don’t really like to bash the competition because although I would love to think so, we are not the only crime scene cleaning company and there are a lot of good ones out there. However, this company in particular has practiced such unethical conduct and created such an abhorrent reputation for themselves that they can’t even put their name on their own business cards. Even still, I will not name them. Let us call them “Postresults.”

After seeing their “bid” and now their nameless business cards, I ventured to review this company to see if this was an isolated incident or if this company really is as bad as it seems. I started at their website, which is very nice and professional, I’ll give them that. In addition to their cleaning services, they provide some very nice bells and whistles. They even have some reviews scrolling on their website, all of which provides a very safe and friendly image, of which even I wouldn’t mind employing in time of need. Until you dig deeper and discover that’s only the bait. Ready for the switch?

I started looking for external reviews and I began with the BBB. Here’s what I saw: They have a B- rating. They have had 6 complaints closed within the last 12 months, 15 filed within the last 3 years (8 of those were “Problems with Product/Service” and 5 were “Billing/Collection Issues”). There is also an alert on the company which states that there is government action being taken on the company. The lawsuit alleges many unethical practices mainly concerning lack of an estimate, lack of name and contact info (see?), lack of completion date, etc. You can review everything I have just stated on the BBB website.

I then searched all over and found on various blogs and a few news reports that the reviewers were very unhappy with “Postresults”. Although there were many complaints, there was one theme they all followed. That is their greed. By all accounts, they pressure their clients into accepting these disgustingly high bids and when insurance won’t cover the expense, what do you think they do? They put a lien on the house. So, not only has this family suffered the traumatic loss of a family member, they are now faced with the very company who was supposed to help them has turned around and become their enemy.

Now, I have done this for many years and I have not once encountered an incident where insurance would not cover the cost of services. Do you know why they wouldn’t cover the cost? Insurance won’t cover the expense when a) there is no active policy on the property, b) there are services rendered that are unnecessary or cosmetic that is not covered under the policy or c) (and this is the applicable one) the bid is exorbitant or not FMV (Fair Market Value).

They have been flagged by many insurance companies. They have been negatively reviewed (for good reason) by numerous clients. It’s no wonder they have to omit their name from their own business cards. I wouldn’t want anyone knowing who I was if I were them! Now with this “government action” being taken against them, we’ll see what happens. It will be a bright day for this industry when they get the axe.

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